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Uwishunu has it’s pulse on all Philly happenings. They’re the official tourism blog of Philadelphia and the same folks that brought you the “With Love, Philly XOXO” campaign. They’ve been awesome to Scoop DeVille and have featured us a number of times. Check it out!

Ice Cream Month Spotlight on Scoop DeVille

Ice Cream that Delivers

Scoop DeVille: Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Delights In Center City Philadelphia

Scoop DeVille Old Fashioned Ice Cream Delights. Tara Clapper’s wonderful description of our store. Here’s our favorite part: “Adults are amused with this shop because it’s a complete break from modern stress and the busy neighborhood that contains it. Kids stop crying when they enter Scoop DeVille’s and stare in complete amazement at the imaginative shop atmosphere.”